Important Notice - Monday 20th June 2022

Important Changes in requesting repeat prescriptions at Mountwood.

In common with most other GP surgeries, we are ending the facility to request a prescription through e-mail on 31st July 2022.

Nowadays there are excellent alternative ways to request prescriptions which are safer and much easier to process. They are very easy to use, and the request enters our prescribing system immediately. If you currently use e-mail to request your prescriptions you will need to change this, and start using one of two alternative apps.

NHS app is the easiest one to register with. You will need a photo of your passport or driving license to register, and you can register from home:

Patient Access app is the second option and offers similar services, however, you will need to show your passport or driving license at the surgery:

Both apps allow a registered carer or parent to register the patient and apply for medicines on their behalf. In this case the carer or parent must come to the surgery to confirm ID with a passport or driving license and register as a proxy. Anyone else can have a proxy if they sign a written consent. A child over 13 can use their own e-mail address on the NHS app. All children over 16 without a learning disability need to give written consent to have a proxy.

If you need help in registering for the app or learning how to use it please contact Reception who will make arrangements to support you.

We do understand that change is not easy and we will endeavor to support you through this.

If you have a health issue that isn’t urgent, advice is available on the NHS website or NHS app or you can speak to your local pharmacist

If you aren’t sure what to do, please contact the Surgery who can advise you on how to get the help you need. is also available 24/7 for urgent health advice (or telephone 111)

999 is for emergencies only.

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