Child health development checks and immunisations are undertaken by the doctors and the practice nurses with the assistance of the health visitors.

Please check the following points before bringing your child to the surgery. There is sometimes bad publicity in the newspapers about immunisation in children but remember: your child is at much greater risk from contracting the disease than they are from suffering a reaction to the immunisation. All of the practice doctors' children have been immunised. If you have concerns about immunising your child please discuss it with your doctor.

  1. Is your child suffering from any feverish illness? (Don't worry about a runny nose without a fever).
  2. Does the child's parent, brother or sister suffer from epilepsy? (Epilepsy in more distant relatives is not considered a problem).
  3. Is your child taking steroid treatment?
  4. Does your child suffer from any disease affecting their immune system?
  5. Does your child suffer from a severe reaction to eggs?
  6. Has your child suffered from a reaction to any previous immunisation injection?
  7. Has your child got a high temperature now?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then tell your doctor.

Current Schedule for Child Immunisation

Please use your child's 'red book' as a guide to immunisation schedule and bring it along to your child's immunisation appointment

You can also click on the link below for a schedule of immunisations

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