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Patients and carers can register for our new online consultation service called PATCHS. Providing quick and easy access to a range of services using a computer or smartphone. This includes:

  • Report symptoms to your GP
  • Request appointments
  • Access health advice

Using PATCHS can save you the hassle of travelling in or waiting for a GP appointment.

It will not replace face to face appointment.

You can use the service for yourself, or on the behalf of somebody you care for.

from 08.30am (until list is full)

How to access PATCHS

To access the PATCHS online consultation service you need to register via the link:

What information is required?

  • Your email address
  • A password of your choice

Once you’ve registered, you will have access to several services, including booking a virtual consultation.

When booking your virtual appointment you will be asked to complete a short form so that your GP can better understand and address your health needs.

How will you keep patients data safe?

The NHS works with in strict data protection laws. The PATCHS system adheres to data protection laws to ensure security of patient information.

For more information on PATCHS you can visit their website by visiting

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Click here to register and use patchs

from 08.30am (until list is full)

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